• how do i cancel my booking

If you need to cancel a hostel booking, make sure you check our cancellation policy first.

  • what's your cancellation and refund policy?

Read our cancellation and refund policy, which explains everything you need to know about cancelling a hostel booking and your eligibility for a refund.

  • can i change my booking?

If you've chosen to pay for your booking when you arrive, you can amend it by getting in touch with the hostel directly. If you paid for your booking in advance, it's non-refundable and cannot be cancelled but can be amended.

  • do you have any discount codes available?

Go to our offers page to find all our available promotions and discount codes.

  • can i still book if i don't have a credit card?

Yes. You may do a bank transfer to our local bank account. Please contact our property to learn more.

  • can i pay for my room using cash?

Yes, you can pay cash at check in. Just bear in mind you'll need a valid debit or credit card to guarantee your booking.

  • i haven't received a confirmation. what should i do?

Don't worry, just get in touch with the hostel directly and give them your full name and date of arrival.

  • how long can i stay at the hostel?

It all depends on availability. Get in touch with the hostel directly to check.

  • can i be sure all my friends will be put into the same dorm?

We'll always try our best to put you and your friends in the same room. Make sure you get in touch with the hostel before you arrive to make sure they know.

  • can under 18s stay in the hostel?

Yes, but they'll need to be accompanied by an adult and stay in a private room. If an adult is not present then you must present a completed parental consent form along with a valid copy of the signing parent's ID in order to stay in a private room. Additionally, guests under 18 can only stay in our dorms if they are part of a group that has booked out the entire dorm room and each member has the required documentation outlined above. Have a look at our age policy for more details.

Arriving and checking in

  • what time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in is any time from 14:00 and check-out is before 10:00, full details can be found in our terms and conditions. Our reception's open 24 hours a day, just in case you want to drop off or leave your luggage.

  • can i arrive in the middle of the night?

Sure. Our reception's open 24 hours a day. Just give us a ring so we know you're still coming.

  • can i store my luggage before and after check-in?

Yes. Common storage room is available. For a more secure storage -lockers are available, which you can rent for a small charge.

  • do the hostels have disabled access?

If you have any special requirements or need any help, get in touch with the hostel you're staying in directly.

  • can you gain access to the hostel at night?

All our hostels are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • how can i contact the hostel?

Go to our contact us page.

  • how much does late check out cost?

Late check-out runs until 13:00 and costs between IDR 70,000 and IDR 450,000, depending on the hostel you're staying at. Late check-out also depends on availability, so don't forget you can buy late check-out when you're making your booking.

  • how long can i store my bags for?

We'll store your bags while you're staying with us. Either side of your stay, we recommend you use our rented lockers. If you need to make any other arrangements, it's best to speak to the hostel directly.

  • how do i get to the hostel from the airport/train station/bus station?

You can find all directions and travel tips on our hostel page. Otherwise, there is always google maps.

Hostel services

  • are there hair dryers?

We supply some of our premium rooms with hair dryers, check out the hostel you're staying at to find out more. You can also borrow one from hostel reception.

  • are towels supplied in all rooms?

All of our private single, twin and double rooms come with towels. You can rent or buy a towel from reception for a small charge.

  • are the beds single or double?

We have single and double beds. You'll see them listed when you search for a room.

  • do your hostels accept pets?

Sorry, you can't bring pets into our hostels. Guide dogs are more than welcome.

  • can i get something delivered to the hostel?

Yes you can, but we recommend you let the hostel reception team know if you're expecting a delivery. We don't accept responsibility for lost or damaged packages.

  • is all bed linen supplied?

Yes, we supply all your bedding.

  • can i bring guests in who aren't staying in the hostel?

Friends and family who live in the city or are staying at other hostels are welcome in the social areas within the hostel.

  • do you have any laundry facilities and how much are they?

Yes, there are third party providers at our hostel. Prices vary from IDR 30,000 to IDR 150,000 for a wash and dry.

  • can i buy a travel adaptor?

Yes. You can buy an adaptor in the travel shop or at reception. Just ask a member of the team. However, you wouldn’t need it in the hostel as we have universal wall sockets.

  • do you have any events in the hostel?

Events are at the heart of what we do. We make sure we have a range of events organised in all our hostels.

Food and drinks

  • how much does breakfast cost?

We have a variety of different breakfast options in our breakfast areas and cafes. Prices start from from IDR 30,000. You can buy breakfast at our reception when you arrive or directly at Nonky.

  • do you have a kitchen to cook my own meal?

We don't have guest kitchens, but we have a cafe and a bar in each hostel so you're never left hungry.

  • do you serve lunch and dinner?

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, and our staff members are ready to assist 24/7 while our cafes are closed.

  • what time does the bar open and close?

Our bar opening and closing times differ for each season. Be sure to check out with our staff at the reception.

  • can i invite people who aren't staying into the bar and cafe?

Friends and family who live in the city or are staying at other hostels are welcome in the bar and cafe

  • can i bring my own food and drink into the hostel?

You can't bring food from outside into the hostel, but we do have a cafe, restaurant and bar snacks in each hostel so you're never left hungry.

  • can i p-book my meal?

You can pre-book breakfast and packed lunches when you check in. And, if you're in a group, we take pre-bookings for lunch and dinner.


  • how do i apply to work for Konko?

You can find all our current positions on our jobs listings.

  • who should i contact about pr opportunities?

For all PR enquiries, please email steven@konko-hostel.com

  • does Konko offer accommodation/work schemes?

We may from time to time, but drop us a line with any questions to be sure at askus@konko-hostel.com

  • how can i get in contact with your company?

For all general enquiries, please head to our Contact Us page.

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